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The Cabal of ‘Elite’ Conservative Bloggers Unites

September 19, 2012 3 comments

This Saturday, I posted a ‘fangirl’ blog, super excited because I got the Full Metal Jacket Reach Around Award from The Other McCain. I was thrilled, humbled, and honored because as I indicated in my fangirl post, Stacy McCain has been around a while, knows his stuff, and from what I’ve seen, is truly a stand up guy. His enemies would say ‘so you got an award for linking to him, so what’? Well it’s not something he is obligated to do, and I can attest to the improved traffic and attention my blog has received since he linked to me. I’ve seen him link and tweet for bloggers that others would consider ‘little known’ or completely off of the radar. I’ve read the kind words from several people stating how much Stacy has done for them. He has been a mentor to many, and an even better friend.

To know that he’s under fire from people whom I construe as just being completely jealous of him, is disconcerting. I’ve seen just how ugly the progressive left can be for myself. Go ahead, defend someone like Lee Stranahan, Dana Loesch, Stacy McCain or Michelle Malkin, and watch the attack tweets roll in. I personally agree with Dana (yes, love her too) when she tweeted recently: “Don’t engage the trolls, I only retweet them so people can see their ideology is based on hate.” (paraphrased) While I agree with that 100%, I also know that sometimes…you just need to sound the trumpet for good, and stand up for your friends.

Anyone who knows me, and knows me well, also knows you don’t eff with my family or friends, because this good lil Christian girl will go ghetto in a heartbeat. It’s a fault I often have to pray about, but it has it’s redeeming qualities. With that said, I just wanted to also take the opportunity to address these ridiculous ‘elitist’ statements about Stacy. Some colleagues that have known him far longer than I have also posted some amazing affirmations, and I’m linking them below. Please take the time to check them out, and if you’re so inclined, visit Stacy’s blog and leave a word of support.

And to all the haters, your venom only invigorates us, your spite only amuses us, and your threats only unite us. This is #War, and we’re in it together, we will rally behind and protect our own.

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